About Home Toggle


The Mission of Home Toggle is to create more efficient residential real estate markets.

The Home Toggle software transforms local market knowledge into very accurate home prices by using the input and rating of homes by local informed market participants who specialize in each town.

This is not an automated valuation model (AVM) like those found on other places on the internet—AVMs ultimately fail in their valuations as AVM values are not dependant on anyone actually seeing the home—nor understanding the home's characteristics relative to what home buyers are looking for in that area.

Home Toggle valuations are created by informed local market participants (mostly realtors) many of whom raised their children in the very neighborhoods in which they work, who know the names of the local business owners and teachers at the public schools, who can find their way thru these locals in the dark; and most importantly who understand the relative nature of housing supply in the town (SUPPLY) relative to what most buyers are looking for in that area (DEMAND).

Groups of informed market participants (again, mostly realtors) store the most accurate knowledge of relative value in our neighborhoods and Home Toggle is the conduit which transforms that knowledge into very accurate home valuations; and maintains this data thru economic cycles—providing a clearer indication of value during market extremes.

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